The Military Caricaturist

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The Military Caricaturist
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James Gillray
The Military Caricaturist
London, H. Humphrey Dec. 6th. 1799
Original hand colouring
350 x 250 mm
Trimmed within platemark
An officer wearing boots, plumed cocked hat, and an enormous sabre, stands full-face, with shoulders hunched, a porte-crayon in his mouth. Under his right arm is a portfolio of 'Caricatures', while crude caricature prints are pinned to the wall: 'Wit' is a squatting woman looking over her shoulder to say "Baiser!". 'Character' is a quasi-lion with an ass's head inscribed 'This is a Red Lion'. A print of a Jean-de-Bry coat and a boot is inscribed 'Classick Studies'. A clumsy Hottentot inscribed 'Venus de Medicis is Grace'. A goat painting a recumbent nude on a canvas inscribed 'Leith Harbour is Refined Sentiment'.
On a table against the wall (right) is a bottle of 'Velno' (a quack remedy, see BMSat 7592), and two books: 'Aretine's Postures' and 'La Pucelle'. Under the table is a large portfolio: 'Hints from Bunbury'; 'Mat . . Darly - Lord Townshend &c &c.' A patterned carpet covers the floor. Beneath the title: '" - his Satires are as keen as the Back of a Rasor; - and having but Three Ideas in the World, "Two of them borrow'd, - & the Third, nobody else would own." –
BM 9442