Measure for Measure

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Measure for Measure
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George Hunt after M. Egerton
Measure for Measure.
London, G. Hunt c. 1825
Original hand-colouring
A satire on the social pretensions of the middle classes. A scene at a fashionable dinner party, with guests seated at a long table in the background. In the foreground an elderly man, in old fashioned evening dress and pigtail, shakes the hand of a younger man, in fashionable black evening dress, with his cocked hat under his arm. The old gentleman says cordially that he knows he has met his companion before but cannot remember where, whereas the younger man replies I made yr Breeches ! I made yr Breeches !  The old man (not hearing correctly) replies Major Bridges ! I’m sure. Very happy to see ye Major ! Very happy indeed. Not in BM Cat.