Six Illustrations for Don Quixote

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Six Illustrations for Don Quixote
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William Hogarth
Six Illustrations for Don Quixote
London, Boydell & Co 1806
Copper engravings
These plates have a curious publishing history. In about 1726 Hogarth was one of several engravers invited to submit engravings for a projected Spanish language edition of Cervantes, to be published by Jacob Tonson and issued under the patronage of Lord Carteret. However, due to the dilatoriness of the Spanish editor publication was delayed until 1738, and although Tonson paid for the engravings they were rejected in favour of some by Gerard Vandergucht. At the death of Tonson's nephew in 1767, the copper plates were acquired by the publisher James Dodsley. Dodsley subsequently sold the plates to Boydell and they appeared from 1790 in the Hogarth folios with the copperplates bought from Mrs Hogarth's heir. They were sold with the rest of the plates to Baldwin, Cradock and Joy in 1820.  Paulson 94-99 final states.

1. The Funeral of Chrystom & Marcella vindicating herself.
A scene from Book 2 Chapter 6.

2. The Innkepper's Wife & Daughter taking Care of ye Don after being beaten & bruised.
Book 3 Chapter 2.

3. Don Quixote seizes the Barber's Bason for Mambrino's Helmet.
Book 3 Chapter 7.

4. Don Quixote releases the Galley Slaves.
Book 3 Chapter 8.

5. The unfortunate Knight of the Rock meeting Don Quixote.
Book 3 Chapter 9.

6. The Curate & Barber disguising themselves to convey D. Quixote home.
Book 3 Chapter 13.

Set of six plates £350