A Cruize to Covent garden !!

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A Cruize to Covent garden !!
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(Isaac Cruikshank after Woodward)
A Cruize to Covent Garden !!
London, Thomas Tegg 1807
Original hand colouring
260 x 350 mm
Two sailors carry a sedan-chair, in which sits a young prostitute, with one leg out of the front window, as if to kick the front bearer, who smokes with closed eye. A third sailor sits tipsily on the roof, smoking; he says: Come Messmates heave a head. Two sailors wear striped trousers, the third a short petticoat and a large fur cap. Behind on the right is the portico of St. Paul's,  and a sign on the corner of building behind the leading sailor reads Covent Garden.
BM 10900