John Bull forming a Catalini of his own !!

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John Bull forming a Catalini of his own !!
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Isaac Cruikshank the Elder after George Moutard Woodward
John Bull forming a Catalini of his own !!
London, T. Tegg March 26th 1807
Original hand-colouring
Trimmed to platemarks
A very rare musical caricature. A stout, bewigged John Bull wearing a tight blue coat and checked waistcoat sits in an small, red brocade armchair playing a violin. Beside him is a music stand with music to The Roast Beef of Old England open on it and in front of him is a small , tabby cat, wearing a lowcut yellow dress whom John is evidently training to sing in the style of the famous Italian opera singer Madame Angelica Catalani. Famous for extracting extortionately high fees for her appearances, Catalani (1780-1849) had made her London debut at the King’s Theatre in 1806 and thereafter sang at several private parties and concerts. BM 10907.