How to get in-married; -ay, there's the rub!

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How to get in-married; -ay, there's the rub!
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J. Lewis Marks
How to get un-married, - ay, there’s the rub!
London, J. L. Marks (July) 1820
Original hand-colouring
The King and Queen are tied together back to back by a long ribbon inscribed Matrimonial Knot. On the right the King strains away from his wife, clinging to the shoulders of Lord Castlereagh, whose waist is held by Lady Conyngham and Sidmouth. On the left the Queen turns away to hold the hand of the blindfolded figure of Justice, with Brougham (the Queen’s advocate) seen in backview on the left. A satire on the King’s desire to divorce the Queen, after her return to England and before her trial for adultery. BM 13770.