A Quartette in Character -

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A Quartette in Character -
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William Heath
A Quartette in Character -
London, T. McLean May 1829
Original hand-colouring
Trimmed to platemark
George IV, Wellington, Lady Conyngham and Robert Peel stand posed as Heath’s famous four stagecoach characters. On the right the King stands with his face turned in his favourite left profile pose, wearing a brown overcoat, blue double breasted coat and wide brimmed hat. Next to him is Wellington as a stagecoach driver in caped greatcoat and carrying a whip, then the enormously fat figure of Lady Conyngham dressed in a guard’s red livery over a blue dress and blowing a horn, and lastly Peel as ‘cad’ or conductor and ratcatcher thumbing his nose. BM 15746.