The Stagecoach or Country Inn Yard

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The Stagecoach or Country Inn Yard
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William Hogarth
The Stagecoach or Country Inn Yard
London,  J. Boydell 1809
Copper engraving
220 x 310mm
Hogarth's satire showing the courtyard of the galleried Old Angle (Angel) Inn at election time. In the foreground a coach is preparing to depart and an enormously fat old woman is being pushed by the guard through the coach door, a potbellied tradesman haggles with the conductor about his ticket, and an election riot is going on in the background. Paulson 167 III/IV.
(before the restoration of the flag in the background inscribed No Old Baby (the cry used by the political opponents of the Tory and Jacobite sympathiser John Child Tylney, later Earl Tylney, when he became candidate for Essex)