Admonition and Gratitude

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Admonition and Gratitude
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Williams after George Moutard Woodward
Admonition and Gratitude.
London ,Thomas Tegg Dec. 1st. 1807
Very fresh original hand colouring.
245 x 345 mm
A man in ragged clothes approaches a justice, who stands across the table from him. The bespectacled gentleman leans forward, holding out a book from which he quotes, he points at the open page, entitled Burns Justice page 22.  He addresses the poor man before him, Yes, Yes, you have brought yourself into a pretty scrape – here it is – Burns Justice page 22 – if you are not hang’d for this, I’ll be hang’d for you!!.
The ragged fellow, with torn coat-sleeves, holding out his torn hat replies, Sir you are very good and speak like a Gentleman –I humbly thank you – and hope when the day comes you will not be out of the way!