An Attorney and his Creditors

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An Attorney and his Creditors
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An Attorney and his Creditors
London ca. 1795
Original hand colouring
260 x 210 mm
Trimmed close to image.
A rare legal caricature. A humble looking attorney crouches, one knee on the ground, between two devils, who clutch him with their hands and clawed feet. The first devil says, Come Neighbour and pay a visit to some of your old Acquantances; yo shall have a warm reception—how I love you—
The lawyer replies. Masters your proceedings are irregular I should have beenserved with Notice—Show me Justice. The second devil replies, You are so worthy of our Justice that I could hug you in my Arms. Scattered on the ground are many documents, including one headed; Same against Same Easter 1795 and John Plump Plant…f Luke wretched his Wife and Children Debts—etc.
In the background two other devils are carrying of a lawyer, who says, Shew your warrant Justice Justice. The devils reply, we are made Special, we’l give you your  due presently.