A Sun Setting in a fog, with the Old Hanover Hack descending

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A Sun Setting in a fog, with the Old Hanover Hack descending
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James Gillray
A Sun Setting in a Fog, with the Old Hanover Hack descending.
London, J Williams, June 3rd. 1783
250 x 350 mm.
Trimmed within platemark.
A rare, early, uncoloured etching by Gillray.
Fox riding the Old White Horse of Hanover, symbolizing the King, from the level plain down the sides of a ravine. In the valley behind heavy dark clouds the sun is setting, in the sun’s disk sits the figure of Britannia. Behind the horse is a sign-post pointing in opposite directions to; The Valley of Anihilation and from the Pinacle of Glory. Fox, flourishing a whip with a triple lash says, Aut Cromwellaut Nihil—so come up Old Turnips. Puffs of smoke come from the animal’s fundament inscribed Heigh-Ho.
Fox rides with a pair of saddle-bags in front of him from which project a money-bag inscribed Lowis d’or, and documents: French Commiss(ion), Spanish Annuity, Settlement, Pr. Annu(ity). The bag is inscribed Enjoyments. A fleur-de-lys hangs from a ribbon on his waist-coat. His wide wrinkled boots are inscribed Spanish Leather. Behind him, resting on the hind-quarters of the horse, is a basket labeled Hopes & Expectations containing a head of the King wearing a laurel wreath supported on a pike; on the top of the head stands a gallic cock, decorated with a fleur-de-lys and crowing Cock-a-doodle-doo. Also in the basket is a crown thrust through with a sword and a torn document inscribed Magna C(harta).
A satire in which Fox is compared to Cromwell, he is here supposed to be acting in the interests of France and Spain.
BM 6239