More Humbugs, - or - another Attack on John Bull's Purse

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More Humbugs, - or - another Attack on John Bull's Purse
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Charles Williams
More Humbugs, - or – another Attack on John Bulls Purse.
London, S. W. Fores April 1818
Original hand-colouring
Trimmed to platemark.
A scene outside Buckingham House, with Green Park in the background. The grossly fat figure of Princess Elizabeth (1770-1840), seventh child and third daughter of George III and Queen Charlotte, wearing a bridal gown and plumes, walks along, hanging onto the arm of her new husband Prince Frederick, Landgrave of Hesse Homburg. She is followed by her two unmarried sisters Princesses Augusta and Sophia, dressed as bridesmaids. One says eagerly Now Sister for a trip to Yarmany, we shall see Relations of all descriptions without number, to which her sister replies and Plenty of Husbands Sister !. The Landgrave (a very flattering portrait) wears a court suit, has a crest of dark hair and smokes a long meerschaum pipe. He holds out his hat to beg for money from a stout, cross John Bull, who looks angrily back over his shoulder at the royal couple. A satire on Royal expenses and the desire of the unmarried daughters of George III, kept in attendance on their mother at Windsor, to get married. The Princess Elizabeth, a talented artist, was married on April 7th. However, the grossly fat and unattractive Prince was regarded by English society as vulgar and ineligible. His moustache and pipe smoking were especially condemned and he was nicknamed ‘Humbug’. BM 12986.