A Tenth rejected - or - the Dandyfied Coxcomb in a Bandbox

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A Tenth rejected - or - the Dandyfied Coxcomb in a Bandbox
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Charles Williams
A Tenth Rejected – or – the Dandyfied Coxcomb in a Bandbox.
Published 10th. April 1824, J Fairburn, London.
Original hand-colouring.
250 x 350 mm
A Caricature about the disgraced Cornet Battier of the highly fashionable 10th Hussars regiment.
A farmyard scene with a corner of the house on the left. A grossly fat and carbuncled parson on a quest for tithes encouters the farmer’s wife, who runs towards him proffering an open band-box, with a dangling lid inscribed 10th. A miniature hussar, very dandified in shako and pelisse, stands in it, superciliously inspecting the parson through an eyeglass. The woman, who is plump and well-dressed, wearing apron and bonnet says; Seeing your Reverence comeing for your Tithes, I have brought you a Tenth. The parson, who holds a large book, Tithe list,  and has a chicken in his capacious pocket, answers with a scowl and gesture of refusal; Take it back1 Take it back!good Woman ; I Never Tithe Monkeys. The little hussar says; Eh! eh! What does that there fellow say? An amused yokel with his pitchfork leans over the gate to the left, and on the right a cock crows on a dunghill, while an ass brays.
Cornet Battier of the 10th Hussars had been found  incapable of the duties of a cavalry officer and removed from the regiment under the control of Lord Londonderry. Battier appealed to public opinion and the commander in Chief ( the Duke of York ) ordered the officers concerned to apologize, but he lost sympathy over his conduct in a duel on 6th. May and even the Times gave him up. Attempts were made to use the incident as a reason to remove the regiment from Ireland. There were many allegations in Dublin society, one being that officers had stood on a theatre staircase to watch pretty girls descending.
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