Whig Patriotism, or the Struggle for the Kitchen Stuff. 1812

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Whig Patriotism, or the Struggle for the Kitchen Stuff. 1812
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(? The Caricaturist General)
Whig Patriotism, or the Struggle for the Kitchen Stuff.  1812.
London, The Satarist, July 1st 1812
Aquatint and etching
Original hand-colouring
Traces of original folds, as issued
The Regent, wearing feathered hat, garter robes, with the collar George, stands in a kitchen between a tub of Kitchen Stuff and Grenville and Grey on the left, behind whom are their followers, a crowd of aspirants for office, seen through a doorway, those behind armed with mops and brooms.  Grey asks eagerly: but shall we have all the Kitchen Stuff?  Grenville: Ay, all the Kitchen Stuff?  The Regent points to the tub: take every dab of it, if that will do you any good.  Behind him stands Moira, in uniform, saying your honour shall not part with a single pennyworth of it.   There are four maid-servants wearing mob caps.  Liverpool, as head cook, stoops over the tub, from which he has taken a candle end, putting a hand on the shoulder of lord Eldon (in wig and gown) who is groping in the tub.  Two maids stir a pot on the fire, one using a short gold stick, the other the long wand of the Lord Chamberlain, showing that they are Cholmondeley the Lord Steward, and Hertford.  Sheridan, as Harlequin, embraces the maid with a mop (Yarmouth), saying, take the advice of an old friend and don’t throw away Your mop in a hurry.  Rats scamper towards the tub.