Small Illustrations for Samuel Butler's Hudibras

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Small Illustrations for Samuel Butler's Hudibras
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William Hogarth
(Small Illustrations for Samuel Butler’s Hudibras)
Hudibras In Three Parts. Written in the Time of the Late
Wars. Corrected and Amended: with Additions. To which is added Annotations, with an exact Index to the Whole. Adorn’d with a new Set of Cutts, Design’d and Engrav’d by Mr. Hogarth.
London, D. Brown, J. Walthoe, J. Knapton, J. Tonson etc.
16 (of 17) copper engravings.
8vo 165x115mm
Missing illustration 10
The small Hudibras engravings were amongst Hogarth’s earliest attempts at book illustration. Samuel Butler first published Hudibras ‘the modern Don Quixote’ in 1662, but although the poem was hugely successful, he died in poverty and obscurity. This item also contains three unfinished proof plates, of which only one (Hudibras and Ralpho made Prisoner and carried to the Stocks), is previously recorded in Paulson. Paulson 5-21.

1. Frontispiece. Portrait of Samuel Butler
2. Hudibras Sallying Forth
3. Hudibras’ First Adventure.
4. Encounter with Talgol and Magnano.
5. Trulla Attacking Hudibras.
6.Hudibras Vanquished by Trulla.
7.Hudibras and Ralpho made Prisoner and carried to the Stocks
8.Hudibras in Tribulation.
9.Hudibras and Ralpho Disputing.
10.Missing Hudibras and the Skimmington.
11.Sidrophel Examining the Kite through his Telescope.
12.Hudibras Visiting Sidrophel.
13. Hudibras beating Sidrophel and Whachum.
14. Hudibras Wooing the Widow.
15. Hudibras Catechiz’d.
16. Burning the Rumps at Temple Bar.
17.Hudibras and the Lawyer.

Set of 16 (of 17) plates  £380