Masquerades and Operas.

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Masquerades and Operas.
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After William Hogarth
Masquerades and Operas.
London ,1724
Copper engraving
150 x 170 mm
Trimmed close to image.
BM 1743
A rare contemporary pirated copy of Hogarths engraving of the same title. The distinguishing difference is in the lines Dr.FAUSTUS Is Here. Inscribed on the wall of the theater on the right.
In the original the lines are parallel to the margin of the showcloth, in this copy, not so.
Beneath the design, engraved on the same plate are these verses;
Long has the Stage productive been,
Of Offsprings it could brag on,
Bur never till this Age was seen
A Wind-mill and a Dragon.

O Congreve lay the Pen aside,
Shakespear, thy Works disown,
Since Monsters Grim, & nought beside
Can please this Senseless Town.