Christmas Pantomime, No. 2.

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Christmas Pantomime, No. 2.
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John Doyle (pseud HB)
Christmas Pantomime, No. 2.
London, T McLean Jan. 21st. 1846
300 x 400 mm
A caricature relating to the Corn Laws/Free Trade and showing the Duke of Norfolk, the Duke of Buckingham, Duke of Richmond, Duke of Wellington, Sir Robert Peel, Sir James Graham, Lord John Russell and Lord Morpeth.
A crowd of onlookers to the left and to the right watch as a harlequin leaps through a placard which reads; Prot—on Agr—ure Corn Laws Speeches, Pledges &c &c.
Below on the ground is a Sliding Scale heavily weighed down to the right by a sack of Free Trade, a smaller bottle of Expediency has fallen to the ground. From the group on the left one shouts; Oh I shall die if someone does not give me a pinch of curry powder in some hot water. From the group on the right they call up; There he goes, what a bounce and Well I thought I could make a pretty good Harlequin leap myself, but that beats me hollow, and He has taken the bread out of our mouths.
Below the main title is inscribed; Extraoridinary harlequin Leap!