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D T Egerton
London, T McLean 1823
Original hand colouring
195 x 240 mm
A scene in a gentlemans hallway.
The man has just returned home after a difficult day, he stands, legs apart, bending forward, with arms outstretched he holds his dog by the collar in his left hand and his son by his jacket collar in his right. He wears an expression of grim determination, his top hat lies on the floor together with his gloves and a broken cane, an opened purse is beside the cane behind which is an overutned hall chair. His cloak hangs on a peg near the front door above which burns a gas-light, his maid is running up the stairs to the left, in alarm.
Below the image are the verses;
If you are not bless’d with an Amiable wife, on whom to wreak your vengeance, you can make a pair of Dumb bells of your Protégé and your Dog; the more inoffensive the victim of your unmerited attack the more satisfying to Revenge.