Hartimannus Beyerus, Theologus.

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Hartimannus Beyerus, Theologus.
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Hartimannus Beyerus, Theologus.
(Zurich ? c. 1600)
Copper engraving
A small, early, interesting portrait of the German religious reformer and mathematician Hartmann Beyer . Reformation preacher of Frankfort, where he was born Sept. 30, 1516, and died Aug. 11, 1577. In 1534 he went to Wittenberg as student of philosophy and theology, and received the master's degree there in 1539 and became private teacher of mathematics. He returned to his native city as preacher in 1546.
Beyer issued two pseudonymous writings against the Roman Catholics in 1551 and while in Wittenberg prepared a treatise on mathematics. His sermons are preserved in forty-nine volumes in manuscript in Frankfort. They are marked by a beauty and force of language which make them powerful even today.