As New-Come-In I’m only Known!

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As New-Come-In I’m only Known!
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As New-Come-In I’m only Known!
London C. 1815
Original hand colouring
210 x 160 mm
Trimmed to borders and stuck on old album sheet
A gentleman, in profile, walks along a London street, his cane tucked under his arm. He wears a long-taield coat, buttoned down the front, and a top-hat. Above the image is inscribed; Sidebotham’s Public Characters No. 22. Below the image, above the main title ; Though Many years I have lived in Town, and inscribed either side of the image horizontally down the borders, on the right; Pub by Sidebotham Sackville St. who cautions the public against Spurious Copies of his Original Caricatures which are and down the left continues; uniformly made & foisted upon them in the most daring & unjustifiable manner by the printseller in Nassau St. for an avow’d detestable purpose!