The Last of the Boroughbridges

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The Last of the Boroughbridges
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John Doyle (pseud HB)
The Last of the Boroughbridges
London, T McLean March 7th. 1831
Original hand colouring
280 x 360 mm
Wetherell, an invalid in dressing-gown and night-cap, reclines in an arm-chair, exhausted but laughing. Facing him stands Eldon in deep dejection, saying, with both hands raised : Poor Boroughbridge! how is it with you? Cumberland, on the extreme right, stands behind Eldon, covering his face with his handkerchief, he says; Facetious to the last!—It is quite affecting! Horace Twiss leans on the back of Wetherell’s chair, Chandos, dressed as a woman, stoops over the patient, both are smiling. Wetherell says; All over my friends! Just in time to hear my “last speech and dying words”! But don’t look so grave about it, I assure you we treat the matter in our house as if it was an excellent joke—to be sent out of the world with a dose of Russell’s purge”! is so droll; & then, we are to have such a merry funeral. On a commode is a bottlelabelled Russell’s purge. Peel, smiling, and Goulburn, holding a handkerchief to his faceand leaning on Peel, watch from the background.
Reactions of ultra-Tories and Tories to Russell’s exposition of the Minesterial Plan of Reform on 1st. March, the sensation of which was the sixty boroughs to be disenfranchised.
BM 16602