Hubert Herkomer.

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Hubert Herkomer.
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(Henry Macbeth Raeburn) after Sir Hubert von Herkomer

Hubert Herkomer.

(London), c. 1900




An interesting head and shoulders self portrait of the Bavarian artist Sir Hubert von Herkomer (1849-1914). He has a full Victorian beard and looks slightly to the right. In 1851 Hubert’s father, Lorenz Herkomer emigrated with his wife and child to the United States; he returned to Europe, however, after six years, and settled at Southampton in 1857. After receiving a preliminary training in his father's workshop, Hubert Herkomer at the age of fourteen entered the Southampton school of art, proceeding, after a visit to Bavaria with his father in 1865 and a brief period of study at the Munich academy, to the South Kensington art schools in 1866. Herkomer advanced rapidly as a portrait painter, acquiring a very extensive clientèle, many prominent Englishmen of the time, as well as distinguished Germans and Americans, figuring among his sitters. Herkomer died at Budleigh Salterton, Devon, 31st March 1914.