John Bulls Complaint to the Public Schoolmaster

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John Bulls Complaint to the Public Schoolmaster
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A very obese John Bull , more country gentleman than farmer, and too large  for his upright chair, rests his right hand on a small table, where he has thrown his broad-brimmed hat, looking with a worried frown at Brougham. The latter sits across the table on the edge of his chair, leg across his knee, elbow resting on an Edinbro Review on the table. He wears barristers wig and bands, with tail-coat abd knee-breeches.On a closed door behind him is aplacard ; School|for|Grown Children|Birchbroom|Master. John Bull says ; Ah Master Birch, this Steward iof mine gives me much uneasiness- His Military spirit is ready to take fire-a little while ago, he quarrelled with a rash young fellow, one Winchelsea, placing his own life and my affairs (then in a criticalstate), in great jeopardy,- Now he has got into a Law suit with a paltry Printer& a fanatical Parson, because they have written some d----n’d nonsense abouthim, which nobody believes- I wish Mr. Schoolmaster you would read him a bitof a lecture upon these follies, Brougham replies ;

Friend Bull! Thy request shall be complied with- but hark ye- that same Fanatic is methodical in his aberrations-more be token- he is a Gorgonian mark protruded by thy Steward’s potential foes Nathless thy man doth a prejudiceby waring with such scriblers- Of a verity, too, the duello was repugnant to all principle- ethics, physics, & mathematics- But I’ll send him an admonitory lucubration- Per deos immortales!

A protest against Wellington’s libel action against the ultra-Tory Morning Journal.

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