The Indignant Tar

Tags: Anon & Miscellaneous.
The Indignant Tar
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One of a set of prints, all with the same signature.
A fat justice sits at his writing- table facing a sailor who stands pointing his fist towards three ill-looking fellows in the dock on the right. The justice says; Now in order to convict these notorious Offenders, You must swear that they put you in bodily Fear. The scowling sailor answers; Then d—n my Eyes if I convict them- had there been Three Dozen instead of them Three lubberly Rascals, Ben Block was not the Man to be frighten’d if they had not popt out of a Creek, and taken me by Surprise, I warrant I’d soon a made a clear Deck. The accused are crowded together behind a wooden barrier; one holds a watch and chain ( presumably taken from the sailor )
BM 10332