Petticoat Government, Long Live Queen Victoria

Tags: J. Lewis Marks.
Petticoat Government, Long Live Queen Victoria
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Below the main title, in verse:
The times are altered Strange of late
The Woman’s now the ascendant,
A Woman rules the afairs of State
And men are now dependant,
The husband now the house must scrub
The Children nurse, and mend all Stitches,
Wash all the clothes, and cook the grub
While Lordly Woman wears the breeches.
An early depiction of womens lib. A family scene showing the woman standing, her skirt tucked up to show breeches, left hand raised in a fist, and her right hand holding a poker which she prods into the rear of her husband, who stands over a hot tub washing clothes. Below the tub a young child sits miserably.