Greys and Duns, or a Prime Bang up for the Bit

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Greys and Duns, or a Prime Bang up for the Bit
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Scene on the pavement before the open door of a London house. A fashionable young man addresses an amateur whip, both disregarding the duns who clamour round the latter: you’ve Got your Greys yet I see! I thought you wanted to get rid of them. The other answers: O! no! keep my Greys if I can! But I want cursedly to get rid of my Duns! He wears the long coat with many capes of a coachman, and is about to mount the box of the coach and four which waits, on the left, a groom standing by the near wheeler. On the coach-door is inscribed (in reversed characters) No Inside Passenger, above a coronet and crest: an arm holding a whip, with the motto Forward. The duns include a butchers boywith a long bill, saying Master says he can’t Bang up Prime to Smithfield without siome whipcord, and a milk-boy who says Mrs Curd desires you’ll curb the Milk Score a little Sir! The others, who are partly hidden, say: Mr Nead the Baker will be glad to touch the bit Sir!; Mr Calf the Boot Maker Sir would be glad to touch the Spanish [money]; Mr Giblet the Poulterer desires you’ll not make a Goose of him, ; I can’t let you sarvants have any more small beer & brickdust that’s pos [a woman]; Mr Sheers the Taylor Sir, is reduced to a Button unless you send some stay Tape; Mr Sweetherb the greenrocer will send nothing but Crabs till the Bill is paid; Mr Stilton the Cheesemonger begs you’ll consider him and let him have ever such a Mite; Mr Copal the coachmaker can’t send the new Curricle, without some of the Main Spring; Mr Sherry the Wine Merchant can’t get into Port without you raise him the Wind. All doff their hats with respectful anxiety.
(Above the design, and missing here, is inscribed:
Prime of life to go it, where there’s a place like London!
Four in hand to-day, the next you may be undone;
Vide Hit or Miss)
BM 11647