Teague’s Ramble at Charing Cross

Tags: Mezzotint Caricatures .
Teague’s Ramble at Charing Cross
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A night scene in the streets of London. A young gentleman walks with a prostitute at either side. In front of him a small link boy holding a torch leads the way. The young man has his left arm round the woman to the left while the woman to the right has her hand in his coat pocket. Below the title is inscribed in verse;
Lo rambling Teague, with Vacant Visage Joggs,
Far from his Barren wilds, and Native bogg,
A Link Boy points the Thoughtless Oaff his Way,
So Will O’th Wisp oft leads the Kern Astray;
A nymph and Baw’d his wandring footsteps Wait,
And leave his pockets empty as his pate;
The raving rakehell finds too late his Loss,
Then cur.ses night intrigues and Charing Cross