Anglais a la Promenade

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Anglais a la Promenade
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Anglais a la Promenade

Paris, ca. 1800


Original hand colouring

270 x 190 mm.


Two highly caricaturized Englishmen are walking from right to left. The first tall and slender, the second, short and fat. The tall man strides with an exaggerated arched back and chin jutting out. He has long chiseled features with a very flat nose. He wears a pork-pie hat, a coat with long tails, wide collar, and opened almost down to the waist. A pocket watch hangs from his coat, his hands behind his back holding a cane. The short man also wears a pork-pie hat with a ribbon. His features are full faced, rounded cheeks and bulbous nose His dress is more of a naval style, with a blue waist length jacket and white trousers, he wears a short sword at his left side..