The Enraged Vicar

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The Enraged Vicar
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Thomas Rowlandson

The Enraged Vicar

Published London, Ackerman 1808


Original hand colouring

170 x 250 mm


A smaller and slightly different version of a print 'Pubd March 1st 1807 by T Rowlandson. A fox (left) is closely pursued by hounds who are followed by four riders, leaping the wall (right) of a formal garden: beds set in gravel, with box borders, some having bushes clipped into birds and circles. A fat parson (left) runs up in furious anger to meet the invasion. Behind him is the church, and near it an old gabled house, partly hidden by large trees. Next a roller (right) is a board: 'Stee[l] Traps Spring Guns set in this Garden.' Below: 'To see them Rattle, Howl and Tear, By Jove twould make a Parson swear.'