A Bill of Fare for Bond Street Epicures

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A Bill of Fare for Bond Street Epicures
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Thomas Rowlandson after George Moutard Woodward

A Bill of Fare for Bond Street Epicures.

London, T. Tegg Oct. 26th 1808


Original hand-colouring



Six courtesans arranged in two rows, one above the other. On the top left Pigs Pettitoes is a short, ugly, pigeon toed prostitute, wearing a tatty yellow overdress, next is a scrawny angular woman labelled Scrag of Mutton, and on the right is a short, plump woman holding up a sunshade and wearing a very short dress, labelled Leg of Lamb. On the bottom left is a plump, ugly sausage shaped woman, wearing a pink dress, inscribed Polony, in the centre is a grossly fat, ugly prostitute, wearing a open bosomed dress, labelled Cod’s Head and Shoulders, while on the right is a young pretty woman in a flowered muslin dress, labelled Lamb Chop and Mint Sauce. Evidently typical prostitutes who paraded their charms in Bond Street. BM 11144.