A Tour to Foreign parts

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A Tour to Foreign parts
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Henry William Bunbury

A Tour to Foreign Parts.

London, James Bretherton c. 1770



Trimmed to image and remargined, traces of old fold


A large, rare Bunbury caricature. A scene in the courtyard of a French posting inn (Poste Royale). An ugly, grinning, young nobleman, evidently making the Grand Tour in the charge of his grim, clergyman tutor, stands in the centre clutching a copy of Chesterfield’s Letters. A skinny, obsequious French landlord, stands bowing, hat in hand, while he presents a scrawled bill. Beside the landlord is a grinning French postillion, stepping into his enormous reinforced boots, while behind the tutor, is a fat bottle-nosed coachman. In the background a chef, waving a large carving knife, tries to catch a group of cats scampering along a wall, while a fat cook, tries to catch an indignant cockerel. In the distance is a crucifix in a window and the spire of a church. BM 4732.