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Welcome to Michael Finney Antique Prints. We are dealers in original antique prints and books trading for over 30 years. Our large stock of prints from the 17th. to the 19th. centuries covers a wide range of subjects. The selection consists of works by Piranesi, William Hogarth, James Gillray and other caricaturists from the 18th. & 19th. centuries, lithographs after David Roberts, and other topographical prints. We also specialise in portraits, mezzotints, architectural and good decorative prints. 

To discuss your requirements, please call Michael Finney on 0845 073 7170, or email If you would like to be notified when new items are listed in the catalogue please email and we will put you on the mailing list.

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Additional Information

Antique Prints

If you are looking to buy an antique print, then Michael Finney can help. You can choose from a selection of original antique prints that are great for presents or to add to your collection. You can find many prints by artists like Piranesi and Hogarth, or royal portraits by different artists. Antique prints are usually from the 18th and 19th century, or even the 17th century, and are quite old. Once you have antique prints in your house you can hang them on the wall, and sometimes they are already in frames. If you are buying antique prints for a gift then don't forget to order the prints in good time. It is always best to buy prints from an established print seller and they will help you choose the size and age of your prints, and will know if they are engravings or etchings, or alternatively they may be mezzotints. Other types of antique prints are lithographs, aquatints and stipple engravings. Prints of portraits are always pleasing to include especially royal portraits or famous portraits.

Piranesi Prints

A lot of prints by Giovanni Battista Piranesi can be added to your collection of antique prints. You may like prints by Piranesi as his work is always very popular. Lots of people have Piranesi prints because they are so lovely to look at and are particularly effective when framed and hung on the wall. If you like Italy you will like Piranesi's prints because a lot of these antique prints are of towns and buildings in Italy, and are called Veduta which means Views. Some of them are of ruins and other famous buildings and are very fine engravings, and there are also prints of Vasi and Candelabri. You may find that your Piranesi print is very large or quite small but it will always be an antique print as these are original. Which ever prints you choose by a famous artist will look fantastic hanging on your wall, but especially if it is by the artist Piranesi. One of his works was the Antiquita Romana or the Carceri and to make a good collection you would have to have some of these prints.

Caricature Prints

You may have a nice collection of antique prints but it will not be complete until you have added some caricature prints. Caricature prints are often by Gillray, but sometimes are by Issac Cruikshank or Rowlandson or one of the Heath brothers. You may find that you need an antique print that is of a special subject, and caricatures cover a lot of different subjects like politics or current stories, mostly from the 18th century or 19th century, and they are all satires. Quite a few of them are French caricatures and these are great if you prefer to have foreign prints. You could have a very good selection of prints but need to have some Mezzotint caricatures, as these are interesting and a different technique to etching or engraving. If you prefer colour a lot of antique prints have original hand colouring which can be very beautiful if applied properly. Americans often call these cartoons but we call them satire.